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Gush, so I know there's a little official trailer out there but I can't find it :( Any suggestions love?? Btw adore your blog :)


The little 15 second teaser for the teaser trailer is here - but in exactly 12 hours we’ll be able to watch the full teaser trailer! (!!!)

By the way, for anyone who doesn’t want to be reading posts specific to the upcoming movie, I’ll be tagging them all “tBotFA” (still irritated about all those “the”s)

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Feanor and Melkor

I am 99% sure that Melkor didn’t have any part in creating the palantiri. During his “probation” in Valinor Morgoth (then called Melkor) did teach the Noldor many things, sharing “hidden knowledge" with their craftsmen. But, at least in Feanor’s case, Tolkien clearly describes the limits of that relationships:

Melkor indeed declared afterwards that Feanor had learned much art from him in secret, and had been instructed by him in the greatest of all his works; but he lied in his lust and his envy, for none of the Eldalie ever hated Melkor more than Feanor son of Finwe, who first named him Morgoth; and snared though he was in the webs of Melkor’s malice against the Valar he held no converse with him and took no counsel from him. For Feanor was driven by the fire of his own heart only, working ever swiftly and alone; and he asked the aid and sought the counsel of none that dwelt in Aman, great or small, save only and for a little while of Nerdanel the wise, his wife.

It’s especially important that Tolkien points out that Feanor didn’t have much to do with Melkor even before the whole mess with the silmarils. Since this is the time when Feanor would have made his other great works (such as the palantiri), this tells us that Morgoth had no part in these inventions. In fact, they had so little to do with each other that even when Melkor knew that many of the Noldor were secretly making weapons (that he’d taught them to make), he wasn’t aware the Feanor was doing the same.

Then, after Feanor was exiled from Tirion, Morgoth went to visit him and offered him advice and friendship. Feanor, at this point seeing the Valar as his enemies, pondered “if indeed he might yet trust [Melkor] so far as to aid him in his flight." But then Morgoth overplayed his card, mentioning that the silmarils might not be safe in Formenos (Feanor’s fortress.) With this, Feanor recognized Morgoth’s extreme desire for the jewels, and "hate overcame Feanor’s fear.” Feanor’s last words to Morgoth were “Get thee gone from my gate, thou jail-crow of Mandos!”

And, shortly after that, the Trees and Finwe were dead, the silmarils were gone, and Feanor had renamed Melkor “Morgoth”, meaning “Black Foe of the World.”

SOURCES: The Silmarillion

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To all my Tolkien fanfic writers …


I am working on the very preliminary phases of a research project that I hope will culminate in a paper to read at this year’s Mythmoot conference. Before I dig much further, I want to get a sense of how others in the Tolkien fanfic community would answer one of the central questions of my [hopeful] paper/presentation:

Why do you write Tolkien-based fan fiction?

I very much appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer my question or to signal-boost this post to other Tolkien fic writers. :)

Elros’s Wife, First Queen of Numenor


Tolkien didn’t write a single line about Elros’s wife, not even her name. (Though we know the names of her four sons.) But, if we’re really determined, we can safely assume some things about her:

Heritage: She was of the race of men, of course. Furthermore, she was most likely descended from the House of Hador. Very very few of the House of Haleth survived the First Age, so I seriously doubt she came from them. And the House of Beor was always small, and definitely made up a minority among the Numenoreans. Also, Erendis was descended from the Beorians, and Tolkien mentions that her darker Beorian coloring made her something of an exotic beauty in court, which tells me that the vast majority of the Numenorean nobility was descended from the House of Hador, so it stands to reason that Elros’s wife would have been as well.

Age: She was probably a few decades younger than Elros. Numenor wasn’t settled until 32 SA, and while it’s not clear when exactly the soon-to-be Numenoreans were gifted with their significantly longer lifespans, if definitely wasn’t until the Second Age had begun. However, Elros was born 58 years before that. Even if men had been given their longer lifespans in the first year of the Second Age, Elros’s wife couldn’t have aged to 58 and then given birth to four children. So, she must have been at least 20 years younger than Elros. (By the way, Elros wouldn’t have looked 58, since as a peredhel/halfelf he was already aging much slower than regular men.) This means she would have been born either during the War of Wrath, or shortly after it ended.

Marriage Date: She probably didn’t marry Elros until after he was king of Numenor. Like I mentioned, Elros became king in 32SA, but their first son wasn’t born until 61SA. Even if they had a few unmentioned daughters first, I think it’s highly unlikely that the men of Numenor, as unaccustomed to their newly extended lifespans as they were, would have waited thirty years for their king and queen to produce an heir. So I think it’s much more likely that Elros married his wife after becoming king.

Family Standing: If you accept the previous assumption, then it stands to reason that we can assume Elros’s wife was literally fit for a king. After decades of chaos, warfare, and migration, though, it’s not really clear what would have made a woman good enough to marry a king. I doubt she was too closely related to either of the old ruling families of the Edain, since they were pretty well accounted for in Tolkien’s stories, and mostly didn’t come to very happy ends. I think the most likely explanations are either that her father won some sort of distinction in the War of Wrath, or that he held some sort of position of power after the war (shipbuilding and sailing would have been hugely important for a nation of people that had to travel across an ocean to reach their new home, so perhaps he had something to do with that.) It’s also possible that Elros’s wife earned her own fame by being one of the Wise Women (like Andreth or Adanel), who were canonically held in high esteem among the Edain.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales (“Aldarion and Erendis”, “The Line of Elros”)

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Week 79 Roundup

Happy Week 79 everyone!

It’s a busy weekend in Nerd-dom - SDCC is in full swing, and chances are most fandoms are basically partying all week. I hope everyone’s having fun!

Also, don’t forget about the Silmarillion Read-Along (how could you when I won’t shut up about it, lol) - this week is Team Ainur’s party, so whether you’re part of the read-along or not, be sure to check out their blog to see what awesome activities they’re offering!

And, as usual, thank you so much to all of you for being generally awesome (and specifically patient, lol). And an extra thanks to everyone who took the time to send me a nice message - you guys always make me smile! :)


Archived Posts on Celebrimbor

In honor of the released Shadow of Mordor trailer, here’s some archived posts on Feanor’s only grandchild:

So, hopefully tomorrow we will be able to see the first official trailer for "The battle of the five armies". Can't wait! Really, I'm thrilled. Comic Con 2014, am comiiiing :)


I can’t waittttt. I wish I was at SDCC, but instead I’ll just be stalking it, loitering around outside.

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theseevildays replied to your post “Didn’t Tolkein realize that names like Túna and Teleporno might just be sniggered at? I mean, I get that it’s his own language. But he also spoke English. Teleporno.”

But also the abbreviations ‘porn’ and ‘porno’ were only first being used in the 1950s so maybe he wouldn’t have really have made that connection?

An excellent point. I doubt his social group was too up-to-date on this type of slang, lol.

(Of course, now all I’m picturing is the Inklings sitting down for one of their classy little club meetings, and opening discussion with “You wouldn’t believe this, but a student informed me that they’ve now abbreviated ‘pornography’ - in case one requires a way to address nude film in a hurry, I suppose.”)

Didn't Tolkein realize that names like Túna and Teleporno might just be sniggered at? I mean, I get that it's his own language. But he also spoke English. Teleporno.


It probably never occurred to him (or, at least, it never occurred to him that it would be something readers of his Very Serious and Mature stories would think of.) 

I don’t want to say that Tolkien was a bit of a snooty prude, but… well, yeah.


SDCC Shadow of Mordor News

Okay, since so many of you have asked me about this game in the past, I figured I’d pass this along: a brand new trailer was released at SDCC (and the trailer reveals who the wraith is!)

Thanks so much for everyone who sent me messages letting me know about this! :)

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