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Ask any question about Middle Earth - LotR, The Hobbit, Silmarillion, or any random question about the peoples and history of Middle Earth (movie or book 'verse). Seriously, all questions are welcome!

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The Scribe Sunday Project

Do you want to contribute to the Askmiddlearth blog? Do you want to show off your Tolkien know-how and gain some publicity with fellow Middle Earth-loving tumblrites? Do you want to do some researching or challenge yourself with a few well-written informational posts? Then keep reading for information about the Sunday Scribe Project!

The Sunday Scribe Project is an opportunity for followers to contribute to the blog. Once a month (or more often, depending on interest) I’ll dedicate an entire Sunday’s worth of posts to outside contributors. How do you become a contributor/scribe? Send me a message (fanmail would be better than an ask for this, or email me at askmiddlearth@gmail.com) including the following:

If you do all this, then in the week or so leading up to the next Scribe Sunday I’ll send you a choice of a couple questions that fit your area (ie: that pertain to the books you’ve read or the topics you’re interested in). You can pick one (or, if there aren’t many scribes, maybe more?), write up a post, and send it back to me. On Scribe Sunday I’ll publish your post - clearly labelled as your own work, of course. If you’ve enjoyed it, you can do the same for the next Scribe Sunday. If it wasn’t fun for you, then just let me know and I won’t send you any more questions.

Current and Past Scribes: